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The importance of choosing a right pillow

The importance of choosing a right pillow

Most people tend to forget the importance of a right pillow while they are shopping for their mattresses. In reality, choosing an accompanying pillow that is right is more important than you think as it alleviates the sleep quality throughout the night.

If you have an unsuitable pillow, your neck and shoulder will not get enough support, which stresses the body, leading to pain and discomfort.

How do we choose a pillow properly

Purchasing a pillow is a very individual process. Although there is no-one-size-fits-all guide, do keep the following points in mind and you should be on track to getting a pillow that is most suitable for you.

What is the firmness of the current mattress you are sleeping on?

The firmness of your existing mattress must be taken into account when buying new pillows as it affects how much your pillow “sinks” into the mattress when sleeping on it and affect your body’s ideal spinal alignment.

Soft mattress – Choose a pillow that is of soft – medium comfort level
Firm mattress – Choose a pillow that is of medium – firm comfort level

What is your sleeping position?

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How you sleep will affect the distance of the gap between your neck and the mattress.
Back sleepers – Choose a pillow that is of soft – medium comfort level

Side Sleepers – Choose a pillow that is of medium – firm comfort level

Your head, shoulders and neck

Our individual head size and shoulder width also plays a part in our selection of pillows.

Generally speaking, a larger head or wide shoulder widths will need more support, hence, a firmer pillow will be able to more adequately provide that. On the other hand, a smaller head or a small shoulder width could opt for a softer pillow feel.

If your neck is long, you might also need a firmer pillow as it can better cradle your neck compared to a soft pillow.

When in the store

When you try the pillows in the store, make sure you lie down in your usual sleeping position. Relax. Ask yourself, “Are you comfortable? Do you feel strained around your neck and shoulder area?”

Check for comfort, firmness and height of pillow at neck area to ensure that it gives you good spinal alignment. A good pillow should not be too high to make you feel strained at your shoulders or too low to give you neck ache. Also, the pillow material should promote good airflow to help keep you cool.

Expert Tip – Make sure your chin is not too near your chest or is pointing up to the ceiling. That is an indicator that the pillow is either too firm or too soft for you.


When should we replace our pillow?

As a rule of thumb, pillows should be replaced every 24 months. However, if your pillow has lost its original shape, have much visible stains or Is foul smelling before 24 months, do get your pillows replaced as well.


Simmons Pillows: NeckCare and NextGen Series

In Simmons, we have two different ranges of pillows, the NeckCare series and the NextGen series.


Simmons® Beautyrest® NeckCare Pillow

Simmons® Beautyrest® NeckCare Pillow is made with 100% premium cotton twill, and the first pocketed coil pillow in the bedding industry. It is packed with 60 individually wrapped pocketed coils which are capable of individual movement and adjusts to any head shape, weight and neck movement. It is non-allergenic and bacteria-free, making it safe for all.

Simmons® Beautyrest® NeckCare Pillow has four degrees of firmness:

NeckCare 1 – Soft
NeckCare 2 – Medium
NeckCare 3 – Firm
NeckCare 4 – Ultra Firm

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Simmons® Beautyrest® NextGen Pillow

simmons pillow nextgen

The Simmons® Beautyrest® NextGen Pillow is a pillow with pocketed coils and memory foam. It has a winning combination of the comfort and conformability of memory foam, and the support and durability from pocketed coil springs. It also provides relief to pressure points especially to the neck and shoulder muscles, providing an ideal spinal alignment for the sleeper. In addition, it is non-allergenic and bacteria-free.

Simmons® Beautyrest® NextGen Pillow has three degrees of firmness:

NextGen 100 – Soft
NextGen 200 – Medium
NextGen 300 – Firm

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