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Mattress Fun Facts You Might Not Know About

Ever wondered how certain bedding innovations came about?

Pocket Science

Simmons Original Pocketed Coil was invented in 1925 by Simmons top engineer, John Franklin Gail. To give you an idea of how many have been made since then – imagine wrapping the coil wire around the world 68 times! Now, just envision that amount of support Simmons has been providing.

To elaborate further, each 9.5” coil is pre-compressed into an 8” space so that it is constantly pushing up for the best support. Each pocketed coil works individually (picture the workings of a piano key) so that when your partner moves about, you are still able to have perfect, uninterrupted sleep.

This legendary Simmons® Original Pocketed Coil® thus formed the basis and foundation of all Simmons mattresses today, and the aim remains clear – to provide consumers worldwide with quality sleep.


Size Matters!

Did you know that Simmons was the first mattress company to introduce the King and Queen Size mattress?
That’s right! In 1958, Simmons introduced the King and Queen size mattresses and couples worldwide rejoiced. No longer would they complain about the one-size-fits-all mattress, and now everyone could get good sleep, with sufficient space for each individual.

This innovation gained recognition from Life Magazine and other national publications with this introduction. Nowadays, audiences around the world would widely use these terms to select their mattress sizes.


Goodbye Flipping, Hello Hassle-Free Mattress

One would be familiar with the term ‘Non-Flip’ mattress. The ‘Non-Flip’ design was first introduced by Simmons in 2000, in celebration of Beautyrest® 75th Anniversary. This innovation had the rest of the industry scrambling to follow.

Generally, the flipping and turning of mattresses periodically helps to relieve the compression on the softer, upholstered materials, thus helping maintain the longevity of the mattress. The bottom portion of the Non-Flip design has a different finishing, and also helps reduce the mattress movement on the base of your bedframe. However, it is still recommended to rotate the mattress every now and then to equalise the body impressions on both sides of the bed.

This innovation provided convenience to customers worldwide as it meant that they would no longer need to expanse their energy just to flip their mattress. This includes hotel housekeepers in the ease of maintenance, reducing those back-breaking tasks.

Now, everyone can own a Simmons mattress comfortably!