Simmons® NextGen Pillow 300


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  • The only pillow with Pocketed Coil and Memory Foam

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Ideal Spinal Alignment
Designed to suit back, side or stomach (front/forward) sleepers as the vary degree of firmness keeps one to stay comfortably cradled in whatever the sleeping position is.
Active Contour
The 60 individually-wrapped pocketed coils react independently and are able to adapt to any head shape, weight and movement.
Soft & Plump
Need not puff up your pillow to enjoy the plump and softness of the pillow.
Controlled MicroClimate
Air pockets inside each pillow is about 12 litres (2.96 gallons). When pressure is applied, air flow out releasing heat and moisture. The outward air flow helps maintain comfortable air climate.
Instant Adaptability
Natural spinal alignment for a deserved ache-free sleep.
Certified Ergonomic
Tested and certified for its ergonomic properties with reference to proper spine and neck alignment for different body structures and various sleeping positions.
Memory Foam
The use of memory foam means the pillow is able to mould the head shape to reduce pressure point and is heat sensitive, thus able to react to heat and pressure, making your sleep more comfortable.
Non-allergenic and bacteria-free materials and fabric.

Additional Info

Simmons® Beautyrest® NextGen Pillow comprises of the winning combination of the comfort and conformability of memory foam and the support and durability that only pocketed coil springs can provide. It also provides relief to pressure points especially to neck and shoulder muscles.



Approx. 40cm x 68cm (16-27”)


Care Instructions

Simmons Beautyrest NeckCare Pillows and NextGen Pillows cannot be washed. To keep pillows clean and sterile, use a pillow protector in addition to pillow case. It is advisable to air your pillow and for hygiene purposes, change your pillow/s every 2 years.