Ever wondered why Sleep is so heavily emphasised upon? Here’s why.

Once a year, the world celebrates Sleep. Not that it should only be once a year, of course. But it is on World Sleep Day when the message calls for people around the world to realise that sleep is essential, and the dangers of not having sufficient rest.

For the 12th year running, World Sleep Day started in March 14, 2008 by dedicated healthcare providers and the medical community that studies sleep medicine and research. Through better prevention and management of sleep disorders, its aim is to lighten sleep issues that it causes on society by distributing proper sleep information around the world.

This year, World Sleep Day falls on March 15, 2019. With the theme of Healthy Sleep, Healthy Ageing, its message is to emphasize that sleep is important no matter the age of an individual. With sleep being one of the core pillars of health, healthy sleep can also significantly improve the quality of life.

Sleep is important because during the course of our sleep, our bodies are busy working in five important areas:
o Growth – especially critical for baby and children.
o Restoration – repairs tissues, recovers.
o Immunity boosting – fights infection, increase energy level.
o Memorizing – sorts information, aids memory storage.
o Learning – stores, reorganizes and prioritizes information.

Hence for sleep to be rejuvenating, one must get their required amount of sleep in one continuous block. Six hours of uninterrupted sleep is still better, and more restorative than eight hours of poor, fragmented sleep.


Back to Basics!

What you can start doing is to take note of your sleeping habits, and create an ideal sleeping environment that encourages you to have quality sleep. That means a quality mattress is essential in your sleep performance. You do spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, and therefore it is important that the investment last for years. One tip is to buy the best you can afford and to get one that suits your needs best. For example, for a Simmons mattress that costs S$3,000 with a warranty of ten years – just costs you S$0.82 per day! ($3000 / 10 years = $300 / 365 days = $0.82 per day)

Now that you’re more familiar with the importance of sleep, it’s time to hit the sheets for well-rested nights and head towards the goal of natural, healthy ageing.