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Sleep like you’re on vacation

With the right adjustments, you can enjoy a luxurious slumber at home.

That well-rested feeling from a good night’s sleep at your hotel stay shouldn’t end with every vacation. Fluffy pillows, crisp sheets and lofty beds – we round up top tips on how you can recreate the five-star hotel bed experience in your home.


White wins

We know, white seems like an intimidating choice but trust us on this. Think back on your most recent hotel stay and the feeling you got after seeing an all-white bed. White not only creates a halo effect of cleanliness and freshness, but it also makes the room look bigger, loftier and brand new.

Keep your white sheets white by following the four golden rules: never sleep with makeup on, don’t eat or drink in bed, spot-clean spills right away to avoid stains and launder your sheets regularly. It may come as a surprise, but washing white sheets is also easier. Aside from bleaching, you can choose to soak them overnight in whitening formulas or use white vinegar as a substitute to fabric softener. It’ll help neutralise odours and soften your sheets!


Count on thread count

Remember this rule of thumb: the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets. So don’t be afraid to splurge on sheets and go for the highest thread count possible. Anywhere from 250 will set you up for many comfortable nights ahead. Hotels usually use sheets that are 100% cotton, averaging around 300 thread count.


Skip the fitted sheets

It may be hard to break the habit but it’s time to say goodbye to those elastic corners! Get the best fit and smoothest sleeping surface with flat sheets. Hotels usually use two: an oversized bottom sheet tightly tucked around the mattress, and a top sheet tucked in on the sides and the foot of the bed. Add the finishing touch by folding over and tucking in the top. Try it out and you’ll immediately see (and feel) the difference.


The more pillows, the merrier

More is more when it comes to pillows. Hotels typically put two to four down pillows and one to two fibre pillows on their beds. Imagine sinking into a bed of clouds while you finish up that paperback or settle in with your latest Netflix binge. We say, don’t just stop there! Add a few more decorative pillows while you’re at it.


Elevate your bed

Bring your five-star hotel bed experience to the next level, literally. Hotel beds usually have mattresses that are elevated to give it a loftier luxe feel.

Although your ideal bed height will vary according to your own height, hotel beds are usually raised to about 60cm (from the ground to the mattress top). This is a comfortable height for most people as it allows them to put both feet firmly on the ground and get in and out of bed with ease.


Find your light

Set the mood and create a relaxing atmosphere with the right type of lighting in the bedroom. Most hotels use lamps with warm-coloured, low-wattage bulbs to keep the room cosy. Dim, warm lighting is great for helping the brain relax and will lull you to a restful sleep.


Invest in a good mattress

It all starts with the mattress. Set the foundation right by investing in a good one. Mattresses can make or break your sleep experience, and many hotels pamper their guests with custom mattresses made exclusively for their hotels. When picking out your mattress, opt for those that provide optimum support and comfort. It’s also worth noting that some mattresses have features designed to help regulate your body heat to keep you cool while you sleep. Look for mattresses that have a built-in pillow-top to give you extra comfort and cushioning.


Spotlight: Simmons Beautyrest Reef Water Suite Series

Bring that five-star hotel bed experience home with the Simmons Beautyrest Reef Water Suite Series, which is modelled closely after the luxurious mattresses used in top hotels in Sentosa, among them W Singapore, Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa, Le Meridien Singapore, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Beach Villas, Hotel Michael and Ocean Suite & TreeTop Loft.

The Beautyrest Reef Water Suite Series boasts the Simmons Original Pocketed Coil Technology that minimises motion transfer between two persons on the bed, offering uninterrupted sleep. You can sleep easy knowing that Beautyrest Reef Water Suite Series has been tested and approved by the Cornell University Indentation Test for its enhanced conformability and increased durability. It also comes with a non-flip design, a super pillow-top sleep surface finish to give a loftier luxe experience, and integrates CoolMax fabric which dissipates heat and provides consistent comfort while you sleep. Find out more on or visit the Simmons Gallery or Simmons Studio at