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Make an impact with your recliner

Furniture, like a reclining chair, can make a statement about you, reveal your personality and change the mood of a room. We show you how.

A good piece of furniture isn’t all about function – aesthetics should play a big part too. Besides being comfortable to sit in and made of quality materials that last, it should look good, enhance the feel of a room, and be a statement piece. The trick is finding the perfect marriage of high quality function and style.

Some of the best furniture come from Scandinavia, where countries like Norway and Sweden have produced trendsetting designs for nearly a century now. You know a Scandinavian design when you see one. Its signature: practical, simple, uncomplicated yet elegant shapes in a classic palette of primary colours that add a sleek accent to any space. Couple with solid woods and sturdy craftsmanship, and it is little wonder why Scandinavian furniture remain hugely popular.

In fact, the Norwegians are master craftsmen of the cosy reclining chair. Fjords® recliners for instance, are named after and inspired by the country’s breathtaking fjords, renowned for their untouched, natural splendour. The intent being that when you ease into one, you can expect the same relaxing and rejuvenating experience as soaking in the stunning views of a fjord.

Besides being great to chill in, a recliner is actually a versatile piece of furniture that can liven up any space.


In the office

You can go two ways with a recliner in the office: use it as the “boss chair” or chill out chair after a busy day. To project authority, a classy recliner sporting a high-back, broad frame, armrests and leather upholstery in a classic hue is impressive and signals quiet confidence, while letting visitors know that you’re the boss here. Once business wraps up, lie back, and unwind with a drink, some music or a book.

Remember that while the traditional wood frame may be a staple of Scandinavian designs, the Scandi style is also essentially modernist. Instead of going classic, you can switch out for a recliner with an ultra sleek chrome-steel base – it adds a refreshingly contemporary touch while retaining the distinctive aesthetic of clean lines. Choosing a warm shade of yellow or orange can exude a more inviting vibe to your visitors and employees.

In the living room

In an area where you are likely to entertain guests or spend a lot of time relaxing with the family, conveying both comfort and style is top of the list. Your living room should be welcoming yet reflect your personal taste, be it cosy and traditional or contoured and chic.


Do Consider…

Furniture arrangement

How your furniture is arranged can make or break your recliner’s visual impact. For example, in the office, the standard practice is to place smaller visitor chairs opposite your own as an indicator of your authority. However, in the living room, the recliner should be positioned next or at a right angle to other seats. This roughly circular arrangement sends a friendly and informal tone.

In the bedroom or study, where your comfort is the only concern, turn your recliner into the centre of a personal corner with some warm lighting to enhance the relaxing mood.


Colour, colour, colour

Recliner fabrics and wood now come in a wide range of colours, so why not be adventurous? Try adding a recliner in a bright red or green to a living room with a white-and-grey colour scheme. Classic upholstery colours like cream and black will always look good, but unconventional choices like a splash of primary colours can pop and bring an exciting accent to a drab room. Woods in warmer tones like a reddish cherry wood veneer can also infuse a fun, refreshing vibe that’s more understated.


Spotlight: Fjords® Voss C30 Recliner

This cosy yet chic recliner offers comfort and style in equal measure. True to its Norwegian origins, the Fjords® Voss C30 Recliner is built to international standards of ergonomic design and offers you only the best neck and lumbar support and relaxation. Enjoy additional convenience with an adjustable lock to adjust and fix your preferred reclining angle in place as well as a 360° swivel function. The clean and pleasing curves of this recliner are contemporary and inviting, while the plush 100% grain leather upholstery comes in a warm cream tone appropriate for any setting. Only the finest European beech wood is used to build the recliner’s frame and base, for the most durability, and is lacquered in a choice of four colours – bold black, bright cherry, traditional mahogany and a more neutral latte. Versatile and refine, the Fjords® Voss C30 Recliner will enhance your space for a long time to come. Simmons is the exclusive distributor and marketing agency for Fjords® recliners in Singapore and Southeast Asia.