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Choose the right base

Choosing a right base is at important as selecting the mattress.

We strongly recommend you to opt for Simmons bases to match your preferred Simmons mattress.

Foundations are built to work with specific mattress constructions to maximize the benefits of that particular mattress. Buy a mattress set with a high-quality and well-constructed foundation. A good foundation will have multiple torsion bars and strong support beams. 

If you are opting for a bedframe, choose one with center support for queen/king size beds to prevent bowing in the middle of the bed and to prevent the warranty from being invalidated. Alternatively, choose a bedframe with a solid flat base board. 


  • Avoid slate-based foundations/bedframes as it will invalid the mattress warranty once the pocketed coils are caught in-between the slates, which may eventually cause a sag in the mattress.
  • Avoid placing mattress on the floor for ergonomic reasons and to ensure proper back support.